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Play Christi For Me, The New Jersey Governors’s Speech at the RNC

August 29, 2012

As I listened to Governor Chris Christie deliver the keynote address at the Republican Convention Tuesday evening in Tampa, Florida I wondered if his speech was intended to help Mitt Romney or if it was Christi’s first speech of his 2016 Presidential Campaign.  The beginning and middle of his speech was a résumé for his own political accomplishments.  Like many speeches by those in the party of elephants, his message was full of untruths; it is almost as though the Republican reality and American  reality are in two different worlds.  Christi spoke of the deep cuts he made in the New Jersey budget, how he stood up against the teachers union and how the teachers and seniors in his state were selfless and accepted the sacrifices necessary to save New Jersey.  He left out the details of those sacrifices and how services, salaries and programs in the schools and to seniors was terminated and or cutback.

There is something about Republicans that allows them to tell a lie with a straight face.  There is something about Republicans that motivates them to pour their hatred of President Obama above their love of country or the Democratic process.   They dislike President Obama not because of his policies several of them such as healthcare are based on policies implemented by members of their own party (including their current president nominee Mitt Romney).  They dislike him simply because of the melanin in his caramel skin.  They hate him because he is the first person of color in the white house and because he is intelligent, confident and accomplished.   They dislike him so much that they would offer the backbone of America (the middle class) as sacrificial lambs for their own political appetite.   They hate him so much that they would rather destroy the union and not allow the legacy of his presidency to align with presidents Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Clinton.

They dislike him so much that they give the President no credit for keeping his campaign promises of passing health care reform, sending the troops home from Iraq, making changes in our educational structure and putting the banking system on a short leash.  Like the residue of bitterness from the Bush Administration in the form of a frail and demented Dick Cheney, everything the Obama administration has accomplished is insignificant; those things they claim as successes are the result of ground work and road maps left by George W. Bush according to Cheney and other Republicans.   Republicans are no longer a party of leaders; they are the puppets of the Tea Party who dangle their strings and their Pinocchio lips to dance the “No Second Term Obama Slide”.  The political slide dance require dancers to  move from the left to the right as the fluctuating political polls require.

Just as was the divide between north and south that led to the Civil War was about economics and slavery so is this presidential campaign. The Republicans want to give the rich not cotton fields and human chattel but rather huge tax cuts and cheap labor.  They want to take medicine and food from the mouths of children and seniors so that big companies can make big profits (many abroad).

I will be listening and watching to see how many more truths the Romney campaigns disregards and manufacture;  I will be watching the rich spoiled boy who has like most spoiled brats been given or bought for himself everything he has ever wanted.  Now he is drooling political saliva because he believes he tastes the victory of the white house on Pennsylvania Avenue.   Like the fan in Clint Eastwood’s movie, you can ‘Play Christi for Me” all you want but as you in the White House, Mr. Romney, I don’t think so!